The Reluctant Social Networker Converted

I have been avoiding all the social network sites as I find them to be very time consuming to maintain and too impersonal.  I use to be on Facebook (FB) up until recently when my mailbox got inundated with people’s status’s and FB activities.  Because I was going to work full-time and going to school part-time, plus trying to maintain my relationships and responsibilities, I felt that connecting with the people important to me through a computer isn’t as great as spending time with them in person.  I feel that technology has made us more disconnected with ourselves and nature.  Sure technology has made it more convenient for us to get in touch with our friends faster and more often with constant push notifications from FB and Twitter through our smartphones or anytime we’re online and “plugged” in.  At the same time this over consuming social media platforms can actual be addicting and problematic, By  for Fox news provides questions to test if you are addicted to social media and what problems can it create (

Now you might think that I’m totally against social media but the truth is I see there are great advantages for business to use social media to connect with  customers, promote their business and build their brand.  I say I’m reluctant to use social media in my personal life but I can see the great opportunities from a business standpoint including how relatively inexpensive it is to market online compared to other mediums such as buying advertising space in magazines, radio and television.  Paul Gillin, a social media consultant and author says, “Almost every corporation of any size, say over 1,000 employees, is doing something in social media.  Eighty percent of companies have some kind of social media presence but only 20 percent are doing it well.”

So if we (as a class) can learn how to do social media efficiently and effectively we will be an asset to any organization that we serve.  I am looking forward to learning how to be a great social media user with you all!



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