Pump up your blogs with Storify

Our class instructor Bob @theBasil was super enthusiastic about sharing with us this wonderful social media tool called Storify.  He thought it would be a useful tool to have in our social media toolbox.  He was so convinced that we would like it that he made us form groups and  put together a story using this platform.  Bob was right.  The tool was so easy to use and made our short blogs more interesting by integrating third party articles, pictures and video to support whatever story you are creating.

Storify was recently being integrated with Hootsuite therefore @theBasil shared video from Hootsuite University about How to Amplify your Paid and Earn Social Media with Storify.  Allie Russell of Hootsuite explains, “Social media is noisy and it moves fast. If you’re lucky, your tweets get retweeted and your messages get shared, but sometimes social moves so fast, it’s forgotten.”  Storify solves that problem by providing users with a visual platform to curate topics, stories, articles, pictures from various social media networks.

Storify gets the 19th spot for Top 22 Blogging Tools from Social Media Examiner.  Ben Pickering @bpicks, tells us why, “Storify can help illustrate a point with third-party content and comments or help bring to life an event by pulling in activity from the news stream or Twitterverse.”  The best thing about Storify is that whatever tidbit you take and put in your storyboard, the original source automatically gets referenced.  At the end when you publish your story, Storify automatically generates a Twitter message to notify original authors that you are using their message.  That way you are giving props and credit to those people who deserve it.

I signed up for Storified and created by own story.  Here it is and I hope you enjoy:




Russel, A. (2013 February 5). How to Make Your Stories Last Online ~ Hootsuite University Lecture Series.  Retrieved on 2013 March 8 at http://blog.hootsuite.com/amplify-social-with-storify/

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