Video killed the radio star and more…

Psy became an international internet sensation from his hit music video Gangnam Style.  Today that same video continues to be viewed 76.4 times per second.  He currently holds the record for most views and was the first on you tube to reach one billion views in December 2012.  Could radio provide the same outcome as internet video?  I don’t think so.  Part of what makes this video interesting and funny is the outrageous dance moves and how unpredictable the video is.   Each scene takes you to a different place and you can’t help but laugh when the backup dancers are blasted in the face with fake snow.

Videos are dominating the web and even playing a big role in marketing.  Videos can be made with a webcam or camcorder and quickly edited with stock computer programs such as iMovie (Apple) and Movie Maker (Windows).  In otherwords, cheap!  Once videos are completed, they are uploaded on a media streaming website such as YouTube and Vimeo.  You can then quickly share the link to your friends on various social media sites or embedd them on webpages.  Robert Hof of Forbes reports that online ad revenue surpassed newspaper and magazine because people are spending more time online.


If done effectively, marketers can use video marketing to deliver a lot of information in a short amount of time while keeping the view’s attention.  A minute of video content is equal to 1.8 million written words.  Think about it, which way would you prefer to receive information.   If you need some more convincing then check out these facts about YouTube alone:

-YouTube is the third most popular website behind Google and Facebook (

-4 billion videos are watched every day on YouTube (Tech Welkin)

-60 hours of video are uploaded every minute (Tech Welkin)

The online video audience is anticipated to grow from 2013 to 2016 by 25 million.   Now that I’ve convinced you that online video is popular and the audience is growing, how do you get the videos to go viral?  Social Media Guru Jeff Bullas posted about a Melbourne University Professor named Brent Coker who has come up with an algorithm, called Branded Viral Movie Predictor, to explain why people share some videos and ignore others.

According to this algorithm, the four key elements are:

  • Congruency (themes must be congruent with people’s exsisting knowledge, eg. Harley Davidson is associated with bikers, tattooes.  If something else is introduced as not being congruent then people feel tension and will most likely not share it.)
  • Emotive strength (create strong emotions)
    4 Levels of emotions are:1. Disgust (it is one of the strongest emotions and easily remembered)
    2. Fear (very powerful)
    3. Sentiment (powerful but depends on network attachment and involvements)
    4. Humor and Happiness are weaker
  • Network involvement (relevant to a large number of people)
  • “Paired meme synergy” (right combination of the following concepts):

According to Brent, classic movie production strategies are also important.

  • Make the video short (30 seconds or maximum 2 minutes)
  • Give the video an interesting title that draws attention
  • Share it with key influencers and with your networks
  • Optimize it for search with SEO techniques

I hope this has been helpful!  Good luck with your videos.


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