Buy 99,000 twitter followers for $50


One of my connections from my Linkedin account posted an article by Kevin Ashton of Quartz about how Santiago Swallow is the most internet famous person that know one has heard of!  Mr. Ashton was right about one thing, I never heard of Santiago Swallow.  But being my usual curious self, I wanted to learn how to become internet famous for just $68.

If you can do math quickly in your head, the title of this post gives away the fact that $50 bucks went towards buying 99,000 Twitter followers.  The remaining $18 was to buy a website from WordPress.  What was really behind Santiago’s success was a good marketer – Mr. Ashton.  The most obscure part of the article was the fact that Santiago is not a real person, he doesn’t and has never existed!  He was nothing more than a fictional internet persona that was completely made up by Ashton!

I was kind of excited to hear that you can buy your followers for such a low price, for marketing purposes NOT personal!  Okay so the idea of improving my Twitter character in my infographic did cross my mind.

At Fiverr, not only can you buy twitter followers but it’s a place where you can buy small services at a low price.

You prank someone real good for $5.  A girl will make a personalized sexy video message to upset your girlfriend or trick a friend!


I wish I read this before submitting my marketing report yesterday.  I called a local video producer that charges upwards of $3500 for a 60-90 second promotional video!  This guy will do it for $5!  Now if Bob, my teacher, questions where did I get this $5 budget for videos… HERE IT IS!


You can buy facebook likes:

facebook likes

YouTube unique video views:


This website is a cool place to pick up some fans, followers and viewers!  Think of all that time you could save from trying to grow your fans organically through multiple updates daily across all your social media channels.  Of course the connections you build through hard work will add more value to your business in the long run since they are truly  interested in your products or business.  But for $5 – that’s how much a pay to park for an hour in Vancouver!

Be sure to check out the article and Fiverr. Good luck!


Ashton, K. 17 April 2013. How to become internet famous for $68. Quartz.Retrieved on April 19, 2013 from


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