Managing the Communications Process

Communication is always evolving along with technology, people’s interest, experience, innovation and influential figures that contribute to the culture that we live in. Information has never been so easy to obtain – thanks to the internet and world wide web. At the same time all this information can be overwhelming where filtering, managing, coordinating and storing it all becomes an important skill. Self-expression and personal opinions can be published in an instant and become public property. Relationships with complete strangers can be created within minutes through a quick few pushes of buttons on a keyboard. The communication process has never been so complex and easy at the same time. I say it’s easy because it’s faster, with platforms and software that helps us become more efficient and effective. It is complex because there’s new norms being created such as using “hashtags” in Twitter to create trending topics, and using acronyms and emoticon to emphasize your feelings. If you never expose yourself to this kind of stuff, you start to be irrelevant and outdated.

Attending KPU was one of the smartest decisions that I’ve ever made. I’m glad I’m taking Marketing there now because had I taken it five years ago, social media and internet marketing wouldn’t be as important back then as it is now. Since being at KPU full time for the past year, not only did I get up-to-date information about marketing, consumer behavior but also how to track, measure and analyze it.

The formal training at KPU has given me templates for success. Thanks to KPU I am working as a Marketing Coordinator at a large corporation. I’m still finishing my school but what I’m learning in class is completely applicable to my job now. I have created a marketing tool kit with “Managing the Communications Process” course which includes:

  • how to plan a marketing process
  • how to write a creative brief
  • how to plan and execute an integrated marketing campaign
  • how to maximum the return on investment
  • how to create and evaluate an  advertising campaign
  • what is the framework for content marketing
  • how to manage the complexity of marketing and consumer behaviour

As I finish the course, I am more aware of how to apply simple design techniques for maximum impact for certain conditions to enhance the message through words, graphics, patterns, white space or color.

More than ever, Marketing is all about planning. It’s important to establish the brand’s personality, tone and colors early because the more the message is kept consistent the more it will enhance the brand’s identity. It’s not safe to assume or go by secondary information for consumer insight but to really listen to the conversations that are taking place through social monitoring or primary sources.

I am confident that I can complete any Marketing challenge that I am presented with as I have the necessary tools to help guide me to success.


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