From Marketing to Graphic Design

I’ve been teaching myself graphic design and watching videos. It’s totally worth it and for about $30/ month, you get to watch a variety of videos from professionals and instructors. I absolutely love it. I am now working as a Marketing Coordinator for a plastic manufacturing company in the Vancouver area. I am responsible for all the print and digital media. If you want to check out some of my website and graphic design, the “Flexible Packaging” portion is ALL me :).

Layfield Flexible Packaging:

To save our company hassle from getting permission to advertise our customer’s products and to give possible leads to our competitors, I just simply create our packaging. I have hired several designers from other countries through online crowd services such as Design Crowd and Odesk. I save 80% in design costs from using designers in India and Serbia and their work ethic is incredible because I usually get my designs within a few days. Whereas my other marketing colleagues usually have to wait a week or so to get their designs back.

Another way I save a lot of money is buying vector images from Shutterstock. This allows me to manipulate the graphics in Illustrator without having to start designing the graphics from scratch. This costs me between $7-10 per graphic which is a lot cheaper than me trying to spend a day in designing it myself. This is the kind of stuff they should be really teaching us in school. I hope you learned a thing or two about how to be more efficient in Marketing.

So far, my favorite has been designing make up packages and other consumer/retail products. See the samples I created below. My 3D designer did the package rendering with the spouts on it. We call it a spout pouch and it’s the new way to package liquids because it’s more efficient and uses less materials ( = better for the environment!).

Make Up 01

Beauty Spout Pouch 005Fabric Softener 02Shampoo_Conditioner002SunFlowerPackaging_SUP


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